Lamar Odom Wins 6th Man of the Year

At least that’s what ESPN is reporting. Maybe you’ve heard of them. They’re kind of a big deal.

Lamar Odom averaged 14.4 points per game, 8.7 rebounds per game, and shot a career high 53% from the field. When the Lakers were trying to retain him in free agency two years ago, Phil Jackson made it a point to Mitch Kupchak that the Lakers would need him if they were going to compete for another title.

He was right.

NBA think that Lamar is just Andrew Bynum insurance.

Laker fans know that he’s more than that.

Dont let that Hollywood smile fool you. Lamars from the mean streets of New York, so he doesnt mind getting his hands dirty.

He’s the leader of the bench; he’s the other calming influence on Kobe; he’s the most versatile player on L.A.’s roster;  he’s the most Hollywood of the group, as evidenced by his new reality TV Show “Khloe and Lamar,” and he’s secretly a hothead. Off the top of MY head, I remember him jawing with David West, tackling Ray Allen, fighting with Jarrett Jack and LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin (who’s secretly one of the most boring NBA personalities), Baron Davis, Chris “Birdman” Andersen and Kenyon Martin, and even slapping fake tough-guy Kevin Garnett on the ass IN Boston.

Yep. Lamar’s got a dark side to him, and I kind of like it. Unless you’re a Laker fan, you don’t know that the incident with KG was actually a turning point for Lamar and L.A. Up until then, he was more likely to ask for KG’s autograph than to guard him (I’ve used this joke before). And after that incident in the game, Lamar came to life, scoring most of his points in the second half and helping Los Angeles finally defeat Boston in Boston.

Lamar’s main competition for 6th man honors was Jason Terry, who didn’t give up without a fight. Literally. I’m starting to think he infected Steve Blake with chicken pox, too. JET-the Biological Weapon. Again, this is something I can in no way prove.

While some think Lamar may have been snubbed of his All-Star candidacy, and figure that this is retribution, I’m not so sure. He deserved the award. I won’t argue with that. But when it comes to picking NBA All-Stars, my likeliness to pick him was based more on Laker homerism. The aforementioned Aldridge was the guy who should have been next in line.

As if Laker fans didn’t have enough to worry about, I feel that I must share this with them: out of the past 15 6th Man of the Year winners, 0 have gone on to win the NBA Championship that same year. And since 2000, only 1 has even made the NBA playoffs that year (Philadelphia’s Aaron Mckie in 2000-2001). Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Maybe there are extenuating circumstances that we don’t know about, or maybe the award’s correlation with a team that relies heavily on a 6th man is indicative of a problematic structural makeup. That is, they are not built like teams that win NBA Championships; only like teams that are playoff candidates.

Maybe Lamar will buck the trend this year. I know Laker fans are going to be apt to toss that statistic out the window, and mainstream media might mention it in passing. As for me? Going to the Finals 4 years in a row is improbable. Even the legendary Michael Jordan couldn’t do it, calling it quits after two separate three-peats.

But if I were a betting man, which I am, I’d put my money on Kobe Bryant (assuming the payout was worth it) breaking the mold. He’s done it his entire career.

Till next time.


One Response to “Lamar Odom Wins 6th Man of the Year”

  1. daniel "cool beans" lee Says:

    We have the weirdest statistics working against us.

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