Indiana Pacers v. Chicago Bulls Running Diary (Game 2)

From the end of the 3rd quarter (right when seldom-used T.J. Ford banked in a momentum busting three-pointer).

-I think the entire basketball-loving world forgot that Ford was still alive. I’m pretty sure I went to his funeral earlier this year.

-My buddy texted me right before that happened asking me if I thought that Tyler Hansbrough was a fan-favorite of racist Southerners. I think that’s a legitimate question, too. I told him that he gives the impression of a really likable guy, citing the commercial where he helped that kid find his dog. I think he’s a fan-favorite of native Indians. That’s what you call residents of Indiana, right? Indians?

-Derrick Rose just got trapped and turned the ball over. This game is a low-scoring affair that I think works to Indiana’s favor, but also begs the question: is this team over-achieving, or have they just been under-achieving under 2-3 years of Larry O’Brien? (By the way, you have to wonder what the coaching dynamic was before O’Brien got axed. Since Frank Vogel took over, the Pacers have looked like a different ball club. I’m not so sure Vogel just sat back and watched as O’Brien ran is team to the ground. I think Vogel may have had a hand in his getting fired. Nothing concrete. Just saying. Seriously, though; when someone has an incompetent boss that they know they’re better than, do you think he or she is not going to bad-mouth them when given the chance? Think about it.)

-Josh McRoberts is like a cross between a traditional white big man and an athletic big man. He can jump with the best of them. He just skied toward the glass and pulled down an offensive rebound. He’s like a better version of Ronny Turiaf.

-Staying with the same race theme, could we consider Indiana the Utah Jazz of the East? They have an abnormal amount of white players that play big minutes on a nightly basis. Outside of the Jazz, no team is better at that. And remember that one huge trade with the Golden State Warriors where they (Indiana) sent all their black players (some trouble, some not-like a hold-over or two from the Ron Artest/Jermaine O’Neal team) for a collection of white players? That was hilarious. And it’s undeniable proof! I’m convinced of this. They shipped away Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, and somebody else for Mike Dunleavy, Jr. and Troy Murpy (who looks kind of like a bird-and their GM’s name is Larry Bird. What? Am I reaching?) Speaking of Utah, the Bulls are like a collection of Utah castoffs: Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, Carlos Boozer.

-Bulls just changed the momentum of the game with some great half-court defense and Derrick Rose knocking down a big three-pointer.

-Why does Brandon Rush look more like the brother of Danny Granger than his real brother Kareem Rush? He even shoots like Granger.

-Joakim Noah just got whistled for a blocking foul, sending Paul George to the line. Connects. 83-87, Bulls.

-Indiana is such a young team, I’m amazed at what they’re doing here. They say a team takes on the personality of their head coach, and Indiana’s coach is YOUNG. That’s not a personality trait, but it definitely comes with tendencies (ones that they embody, too). Heck, even their OLD players look young. How long has Jeff Foster been in the league? Like, 11 years? He looks like he’s still in college.

Thats the same face Jeff Foster makes when he gets carded at the bar. "You wanna see my ID? Im 34!"

-Kyle Korver just hit a back-breaking three-pointer from the corner. Wow. The Bulls really do have a shooting-guard-by-committee thing going on here. Korver does the shooting and Bogans/Brewer handle the defense.

-1:04 left, 85-90. Good luck, Indy.

-WOW. No way is that an offensive foul. Who is officiating? Michael Jordan? Are you kidding me? Noah had his arm extended on Roy Hibbert while his back was to the basket. THAT’S A FOUL ON NOAH. Ridiculous. How can they call a foul on Hibbert?

-The youthful looking Jeff Foster just got pushed by Carlos Boozer when trying to track down a Derrick Rose airball and somehow got called out of bounds. Chicago ball.

-Indiana got the ball back after a Noah miss. Secure the rebound. 0:35 seconds left. Granger timeout.

-The Pacers should draw up a play for Granger. Deng has not done a good job of guarding him. All he needs is a little space; his quick release is not likely to get blocked. Let’s see what they draw up.

-Granger couldn’t shake Deng on that play, so he passes it out to a spotting up A.J. Price, who gets fouled on a three-point attempt. Nice.

-While the referees were checking to see if he was behind the line, I heard a disgruntled Chicago fan yell, “THAT’S NOT REGGIE MILLER, THAT’S A.J. PRICE!” to them, admonishing the call. Hilarious.

-Makes 1; (crowd chanting “PACERS SUCK!” You know they’re in their heads now. That’s respect for Indiana, actually.); makes 2nd; makes 3rd.

-Chris Webber is right. The fans in Indiana are going to be crazy in game 3. I smell a Pacer win in game 3.

-Granger wastes too much time trying to steal the ball from Deng. He didn’t get it, so he should’ve fouled sooner. 17.5 seconds left.

-Deng makes both. Clutch. 92-88, Bulls. Clock hasn’t moved.

-Is it just me, or is this  the basketball gods’ way of punishing the Bulls for doing the same thing to the Boston Celtics two years ago?

-Dunleavy fires from 30 feet out. Clank. Great shot, Mike.

-12.6 seconds left, Indiana misses.

-Noah tips in the shot for the Pacers, who trail 90-94 with less than a second left. Ball game.

The Pacers have taken it to the Bulls in the first two games in Chicago, leading both of them at the half. That should serve as a confidence booster in games 3 and 4 as Indiana prepares itself for a couple of home games. I have a feeling that I’m going to be talking about the Pacers a lot more in the next week and a half.

Till next time.


2 Responses to “Indiana Pacers v. Chicago Bulls Running Diary (Game 2)”

  1. Maria Q Says:

    hahaha. This blog felt like I was listening to the analyzers of the game. It had great voice. It was a very good combination of analyzes and stating what happened in the game. I really liked it. Ur picture comments are always hilarious!! If you ever become an analyst for any team, I think I would watch the game just to listen to you. all biased aside.

  2. mr sam Says:

    -“WOW. No way is that an offensive foul. Who is officiating? Michael Jordan? Are you kidding me? Noah had his arm extended on Roy Hibbert while his back was to the basket. THAT’S A FOUL ON NOAH. Ridiculous. How can they call a foul on Hibbert?”
    you sound like the celtics commentator lol

    “give me a break! give me a break!!”

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