Dwight Howard Wins DPOY

That’s what I’m hearing out of My girl-friend’s going to like this one.

Ever since she watched the NBA All-Star game and caught Dwight Howard’s introduction of the Eastern Conference All-Stars, she’s been in love with the man. I believe the adjective she used was “charming.”

Well I can assure you-he didn’t charm the media into picking him as this season’s Defensive Player of the Year. Not with that playoff goatee. It’s hideous. Playoff facial hair has been done to death, anyway. His playoff campaign would be much more interesting with something like a playoff mullet. You know, like Patrick Kane.

Imagine Dwight Howard with one of these. Sexy.

On second thought, nevermind. It looks like lion’s mane.

Howard’s closest competition in winning the award was Kevin Garnett, who totaled a mere 77 to Howard’s 585 voting points. He’s the first player in DPOY history to win the award three straight years, and he even has a little Kobe in him. When asked how he felt about 1 voter not ranking him 1st place, he replied, “Thank you. I’ll do better next year.” I love when players use slights as motivation. It makes me gain respect for them.

Howard definitely deserved the award. Hes’ the most dominant big man in the game, and his presence alone makes up for his team’s defensive flaws. Orlando is a collection of guards and shooting forwards that are not known for their defense. Without Howard, they’d be like a poor man’s version of the 2005-2010 run-and-gun Phoenix Suns: playing fast-paced basketball and shooting a cajillion threes (which they already do), only without the man in the middle to settle things down.

It may not look too creepy here, but that's because they're too scared to photograph his most recent facial hair growth. The NBA is rated "E" for Everyone; not "MA" for Mature Audiences.

While I do have a problem with Howard not leading the league in rebounds at his size (Kevin Love averaged more), his 14.1 rpg is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Not since KG in his 2003-2004 MVP campaign has a player boasted such a prolific rebounding number (13.9 for KG). This year, Dwight was a virtual double-double machine with 66, and accomplishing 6 20/20 games. I had him on my fantasy teams, and he almost singlehandedly won me the rebound categories.

I think Shane Battier should get honorable mention for this award, and that Tyson Chandler should have ranked higher than KG. The former is a defensive stalwart year-in and year-out, only his presence isn’t measured in statistics. Chandler, like Dirk Nowitzki said earlier this season, has changed the defensive culture in Dallas. They aren’t the most physical group, but they do have a shot-blocking presence inside who’s got some swagger to him, and that’s Chandler. If KG deserved DPOY in 2007-2008 for anchoring the Celtics defense, Chandler at least deserves some recognition. As in, he should have ranked higher than KG’s 77 points, not lower with his 70. Just saying.

Congratulations to Dwight, who is a shoe-in for future DPOY awards. Maybe one day he’ll take home MVP honors, as well. Lather him in purple and gold jerseys and I’m sure he’ll win a couple.


2 Responses to “Dwight Howard Wins DPOY”

  1. Maria Quiroga Says:

    yeihh yeihh Dwight. I always brag about how he is my favorite non-laker basketball player. If he becomes a Laker I think he will be close to also holding that title :D. Congrats Dwight!!!

  2. daniel "cool beans" lee Says:

    Awesome~~ Consecutive most dominant center in his prime to come to the Lakers from Orlando. Let’s make it happen.

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