Game 1 Reactions

Joakim Noah’s energy is invaluable, but he does realize that this is only game 1 of the 1 v. 8 seeds, right? His reaction worries me because the Chicago Bulls, all season long, have said the right things. They’ve defused notions of getting fat on their wins, reassured the media that the next one is what matters, and hardly looked satisfied. Noah’s reaction after they won that game just undercut all of that, and in one game, no less.

I just don’t see a championship team responding like that after 1 win that they made look way too hard against a team that has no business in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Derrick Rose, who is already the runaway pick for MVP, made his case for best player in the league honors as well; scary thought, considering he’s only in his third year. If he continues his torrid pace, I can’t imagine any athlete playing better than him in this post-season.

Sure, LeBron James is going to put up mind-blowing statistics; sure, Dwayne Wade is going to have some leap-out-of-your-chair moments; sure, Kevin Durant is going to hit some shots that make you wonder if there has ever been as prolific a scorer in the history of the game, but really, no young superstar is going to dominate these playoffs like Rose is fixing to do.

And did you notice how many free throws he shot? 19 of 21 is a fantastic percentage, but seriously? I’m worried that the 2006 NBA Finals Favortism that brought Wade his lone ring will resurface once again. Just saying. Game 1 of the 2010-2011 playoffs and he’s already shot more free throws than Kobe Bryant playing a game at Folsom Prison with Bennie Adams, LeRoy Richardson, and Dick Bevetta officiating.

Speaking of Wade, why is everyone that’s picking the Heat to go to the Finals automatically assuming that Wade will remain healthy throughout the duration of the playoffs? I get that when you make playoff picks that you do so while operating under the assumption that the team will stay healthy, but can Wade’s body be counted on to not betray him?

ESPN’s Henry Abbot wrote a fantastic column comparing the running styles of both Wade and LeBron, and all the evidence indicates that Wade’s running style, which is one of the worst for your body, is sure to shorten his career. All the problems that experts say come with his running style have already plagued the 29-year old shooting guard. In addition to that, he’s a reckless player by nature, so we may be looking at the second coming of Tracy McGrady.

If Wade is hobbled, Miami is in serious trouble. While the same is true for any contender with a superstar, it’s especially true for the Heat. They rely so heavily on their big 3 that they simply don’t have the depth behind Wade to overcome an injury to him.

Regardless, the Eastern Conference playoffs are panning out as expected, with the exception that they were noticeably more competitive than I originally anticipated.

Should be fun.

Till next time.


One Response to “Game 1 Reactions”

  1. daniel "cool beans" lee Says:

    Yeah, all the weak sauce teams are giving them a run for their money, including the Atlanta Hawks, despite Dwight having a crazy first half.

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