Cavaliers Lose in Jamison’s Debut

In case you haven’t noticed, my last few posts have all centered around LeBron James. They’ve been mostly unfavorable, and I find it ultimately refreshing because of how everybody else in the world views him as some sort of basketball deity. Kind of like how it’s refreshing to see a player in the NBA openly dislike LeBron, like DeShawn Stevenson of the Dallas Mavericks does.

Not lost unto me, then, is last night’s second loss in a row, and their third straight loss to the Charlotte Bobcats since beating them the first week of the season. Rumors have circulated that Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace remains unfazed by LeBron’s new status in the NBA hierarchy, and his play provides evidence that proves the rumors. Apparently Michael Jordan offered Gerald some advice about how to attack LeBron-which marks the one and only thing MJ ever did that I approve of (besides allowing Kobe to drop 42 on him in one half).

MJ advised Gerald to attack LeBron toward the inside because his defense is weak that way. Since then, the Bobcats have yet to lose to the Cavaliers, and Gerald Wallace has had games of 17/8, 19/12, and 31/14. This is the player that LBJ is assigned defensively, mind you. Suffice it to say those are not the numbers a legitimate DPOY candidate would allow.

In last night’s 110-93 loss to the Bobcats, LeBron had a subdued game compared to his output against Denver, posting a 22-point, 9-assist game. His new playmate? 0-for-12. You read that right. 0-FOR-12.

Immediately following, Antawn Jamison promised that it would never happen again. That has to be reassuring. Get blown out by a team that appears to have your new team’s number and promise after a big fat goose egg that it will never happen again.

In literature and film, they call this a foreshadowing. In fact, if I were reading a book on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ season, I might have circled the line that talks about this particular game and the performance of their new acquisition and write “foreshadowing for things to come” somewhere around it or on a post-it.

This is the moment that Cavaliers fans quietly questioned the trade, because it throws off their chemistry and messes up a good thing for a guy that is not guaranteed to put them over the top. Let’s face it-Cleveland would have been much better off landing Amar’e Stoudemire, and he’s also the guy that LBJ specifically requested.

We will watch Head Coach Mike Brown get exposed somewhere down the stretch and in the playoffs. He really is a terrible coach that, if not for LeBron, would be coaching somewhere in the WNBA or at some remote community college in Aims, Iowa.

!Yahoo! blogger Kelly Dwyer, a man I rarely, if ever agree with, brings up a good point. Jamison is a nice addition to any team, but a combination of Amar’e and LeBron would be deadly offensively, specifically in the pick-and-roll game. They would have most likely lost J.J. Hickson in that trade, but acquired a much better player in the process.

Call it foolishness, call it homerism, or call it common sense, but I just don’t see the Cavaliers winning it all this year, even with their new addition bringing something else to their makeup. Let’s not forget the most recent mid-season trades that aided a team in getting a ring. Rasheed Wallace landing in Detroit in February of 2004, and Pau Gasol landing in Los Angeles in February of 2008.

The first one led to a championship, coincidentally, over the Lakers of 2004 in that same exact season. The second one led to a NBA Finals appearance followed by an NBA Finals victory the following season. Far be it for me to say that neither of the two additions made their debuts with performances even remotely close to 0-for-12.

Foreshadowing? Sure, why not?


6 Responses to “Cavaliers Lose in Jamison’s Debut”

  1. chappy81 Says:

    I totally agree with you about Brown. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s so good. I mean does he really motivate that team or is it Lebron barking orders and scaring guys into playing hard!?!

  2. Rene Says:

    Dude loved this article! One i dislike lebron for who he is. Two you put deshawn stevenson which i like cuz of his style. And three cuz G Wallace is good and rips Lebron like no other. Keep the talking going boy! Yo my league has a new website so check it out!

  3. mark Says:

    the whole amare/antawn theory is just flat out wrong. they would be a much worse devensive team with amare, especially since shaq has lost a few steps (understatement of the year). and call me crazy, but id like my “superstar” starting power forward/center to be able to grab more than three rebounds a quarter. antawn/amare avg the exact same rebounds and amare only has 1.3 more points per game. which is statistically nothing. now for why they’re better off with jamison? he’s a much better defender (although that’s not saying much), he can stretch the defense with his 3 point shooting ability, he is a proven good teammate/role player, can create his own show off the dribble, and handle the ball. now for amare, he couldn’t co-exist with shaq in phoenix so i dont know why everyone thinks it would be so much different in cle. also he is a proven headcase and needs the ball to be effective.

  4. mark Says:

    i meant “create his own shot off the dribble”

  5. chappy81 Says:

    Did that three game skid make you so sad you couldn’t write anymore!?! Haha, just kidding, but what do you have to say about Pau’s comments!?!

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