MASH Record Smashed

Well, not smashed, but slightly edged. Superbowl XLIV now has the distinct achievement of being the most watched event in television history. It edged the series finale of MASH, which held the record for 27 years. The Superbowl was watched 106.5 million people, according to the Nielson Company’s estimates.

MASH: a show I will forever remember as the reason I hated basic television.

Much like the movie “Titanic”, it’s hard to imagine a record of that magnitude being proportionately broken. That is, with inflation being taken into account, and with the amount of televisions per house hold now being much larger than it was in MASH’s day, it will probably never really be broken. Still, it somehow managed to garner more viewers than the almost perfect season of the New England Patriots in 2007.

That one, to me, seemed to have more riding on it. It was surprisingly similar to this year’s in that both NFC representatives hail from large, uniquely cultured cities that were underdogs against heavy, potentially all-time great AFC representatives. However, this one got a lot of help from the city of New Orleans, which apparently shut down schools, working places, etc, so that the major venue happening in Miami would be assured viewers.

This hasn’t assuaged me in the least because I feel like the Patriots near perfect run should have received more viewers. It’s great for the city of New Orleans, but it pales in comparison to the first ever undefeated team since the league switched to a 16-game season.


One Response to “MASH Record Smashed”

  1. Benny LeGaspe Says:

    I am 71 I never was much of a Fan of Mash but my wife was.Anyway got the Notice in my Email because I have a Burrola Alert set up with Google to research my 2 Uncles Killed in action 1 in ww2 and one during the Korean war. The Burrolas in my family were from the East Side of Los Angeles City Terrace Area…Thought you would be interested.
    (Benny Whittier Ca 90606)

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