CSI Los Angeles: The Clipper Story

The Los Angeles Clippers and fans can all take one collective sigh of relief, as it has been announced that head coach/general manager Mike Dunleavy will step down and focus solely on Family Matters(Look at the Asian gangster in the background in this clip. His facial expressions are hilarious. Check it out. It’s short). Apparently he’s a real big fan of the show, and hasn’t missed one since it first aired September 22, 1989. Wait, that can’t be right. He will step down and focus solely on PERSONNEL matters. My bad.

This is big news for about 25% of the city of Los Angeles, as the rest are Laker fans anyway. Bill Simmons wasted no time taking a jab as he posted, “To honor the Mike Dunleavy era, I just botched my drive-thru order at Arby’s, then blamed House and the drive thru lady” on his Twitter account. Kim Hughes will be taking over as interim head coach. ESPN’s J.A. Adande thinks this is long overdue, but the Clippers were the last to realize it.

I am excited but worried about the Clippers. Their owner is still racist, and as Phil Jackson suggested, has endless waves of karma headed his way. The guy I worry about the most is Baron Davis. He’s obviously insane, as he demonstrated when he wanted to kill Derek Fisher for whatever reason. Seriously, watch that crazy look he has in his eyes toward the end of the clip. He’s clearly a potential loose cannon. I’m not ready to consider him the Tupac of the NBA, but he’s still a guy I would tread lightly around.

Try not to get fouled by this guy. He'll probably try to kill you afterward.

With Dunleavy gone, he could wax apathetic and just stop caring again. He’s a guy that’s been known to do that throughout his career, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do it again. There’s a good chance he completely tunes out Hughes and tries to do the damn thing on his own. Dangerous times for Clipperland, but at the same time, liberating. I know Marcus Camby likes it in L.A. and hasn’t a problem with Dunleavy, but the rest of the team could use a change. In the end, though, this figures to be good for Clipper faithful.

Sticking with the Pacific Division, the Suns have been making good on their perennial “Amar’e for Random Player” trade talks. The newest one since my last post just under six hours ago has Amar’e landing in Philadelphia for Iggy and Sam Dalembert. This is a completely lateral move for both teams, and in fact moves Phoenix backwards. Amar’e is not an impact player on any team that isn’t already near the top. Put him on a team with a strong core and he’s likely to elevate that team to the top. Not he himself, but as an additional piece.

I do not want to see Iggy in Phoenix, despite his wicked athleticism acting as a perfect compliment to Steve Nash’s passing ability. It’s not because I hate Phoenix, which I do, but because he would be going to another team where his talent would be wasted. I want to see this guy on a legitimate team where he can reach his true potential. He has a chance at being more than just a good contributor on a solid team. He really could end up hitting a few game-winners in some tough playoff games for title contenders. It’s all about where he lands and who he plays with.

Team Iguodala up with a coach like Gregg Popovich, a big man/leader like Tim Duncan, and a scoring point guard that he can free up with his versatile abilities and see what happens. He can really be something special because of his versatility. The guy has career averages of 15.8 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 4.5 apg, and 1.8 spg. Those numbers have all been on crappy teams that have pushed better teams to the limit in the playoffs thanks to his heroics. Philadelphia pushed Detroit to 6 games back in like 2007, then pushed Orlando to 6 just last year, if I remember correctly.

He is a solid defender with a physical dominance not many players can boast. He’s played all 82 games in 4 of his 5 completed seasons, and 76 in the one season he didn’t play all 82. Health is simply not an issue with this guy. Pop, please trade for this guy. Kobe vs Iggy is a much better matchup for San Antonio than Kobe vs RJ/Manu/Mason.

Just do it.

If you happened to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Miami Heat tonight, you may have noticed the large free throw discrepancy in favor of Cleveland. The Cavs won 102-86, and LeBron alone made more free throws than the entire Miami team attempted. That sounds good, but it isn’t. LeBron made 17 of his 21 attempts while the Heat connected on 10 of their 14 attempts. That’s ridiculous.

I know LeBron’s good, but don’t sit here and tell me that Dwayne Wade isn’t getting fouled more than the 2 free throws he attempted. 26 shots, yet only on one of those did he get a pair of free throws. Every time I saw LeBron go to the rim he would get the whistle almost before the foul even occurred. NBA officials must be making a concerted effort to get this guy some more advantages, as if he didn’t already have a completely unfair physical frame. Give him the Dwight Howard treatment instead of the Dwayne Wade treatment and see how many free throws he gets.

Wade is a master at drawing fouls, and he gets hella calls even when he barely gets touched. Howard gets abused but because of how big he is he gets hardly any calls. LeBron should be getting THAT kind of treatment before he should be getting that Wade type treatment. Be foreal, David Stern.


7 Responses to “CSI Los Angeles: The Clipper Story”

  1. tophatal Says:


    Mike Dunleavy stepping down ? What next world peace and Sarah Palin declaring that she’s misunderstood ? These are tough times that we’re living in . Wow !

    Alan Parkins

  2. sam Says:

    never would’ve thought mike dunleavy would fire himself, but a good move. I wanna see the clippers run, run, run

  3. Anthony Burrola Says:

    Sam you just love the Phoenix nickname so much that you want to call a Clipper team some variation of Funs.

    Times is hard, Topha. Times is hard.

  4. tophatal Says:


    It’s become so hard that even the Bank of America chairman that stepped down is still bi_ching and moaning about how he was forced by the government to by Merryll Lynch. What an a_shole !

    If at all interested I dropped these pieces ? In order to view just click on the link shown .



    Alan Parkins

  5. sam Says:

    I found a picture of the clippers upon hearing the news

    im interested in seeing what baron can still do on the court, assuming he gets to with some more freedom on the court

  6. chappy81 Says:

    I like it for the Clippers sake. They never really did good under him, so they needed to move on. I’m sure whoever steps in will instantly be cursed, but they have a pretty good roster of talented guys for the new coach to work with…

  7. Nate Says:

    Haha, the caption on the photo made me laugh. “Try not to get fouled by this guy. He’ll probably try to kill you afterward.”

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