Conference Championship Games Set

The New England Patriots, who I picked to win it all in the preseason, are not one of the four remaining teams. However, 50% of the participants belong to cities that begin with “New”. That’s a useless fact which I am sure nobody cares about, but I find it interesting.

One of those teams, the New York Jets, upset the heavy-weight San Diego Chargers on Sunday, 17-14. Some say the Jets had no business winning, and to them I say tough sh*t. I’m extremely happy for them, not just because I picked them, but also because they are showing the NFL and its fans that you don’t have to pass in this league to win. The league has shifted from a run-first, defense-oriented league to a pass-first, offense-oriented league. Defense has not fallen by the wayside completely, but the passing game is more coveted now’a’days. Consider the Jets the conservatives of the NFL. Their style of play is antiquated, but effective. Their demeanor is vintage, but effective. Their head coach is brash, BUT EFFECTIVE. Do you get the picture?

I love these guys, and that’s not the only reason why I picked them, because I also love Philip Rivers. I hope that Jets linebacker Bart Scott makes his third appearance of the year on Pardon the Interruption this week. He has earned it. Kudos to the Jets for a great gameplan and for having the wherewithal to stick with it even though they were down 0-7 for the better part of the first three quarters. ON THE ROAD, no less. They are easily this year’s bizarro version of the 2008 Arizona Cardinals. It almost feels wrong to root against Peyton Manning, but the New York Jets have my heart right now. It’ll be fun to watch them go against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game.

Has there ever been a worse head coach to make it to the NFL's final four?

As for the other Divisional Round game, I could not be more annoyed by the Minnesota Vikings advancing. I know that earlier I congratulated them, but I was only feigning sportsmanship. The Vikings defeated the Cowboys with relative ease on Sunday. Unfortunately, they felt the need to rub it in a little, which only further reassures me that they’re not going to win it all. They’ll be lucky to get to the Superbowl. They’re going to be traveling to New Orleans to play the 2009 version of the Greatest Show on Turf(that is, the St. Louis Rams of the end of the 1900’s and beginning of the 2000’s). I hope Tony Romo gives his old offensive coordinator (the current head coach of New Orleans)Sean Payton a call and asks him to get revenge on the Vikes for running up the score on the Cowboys.

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is a lack of class. When the Patriots defeated the Chargers at home in the divisional round four years ago, I was right behind LT and company when they complained about Bill Belichick’s Patriots displaying a complete lack of class after they won in San Diego. The Patriots are a team that I root for now, so this shows that I am critical of any team. I hold my own teams to that same standard as well, if not moreso. If the situation was reversed, I would be mad at the Cowboys for acting like that. Even more than being angry, I would be worried that they didn’t have the stones to win it all.

Honestly, this is not a good sign for their future, both immediate and long-term. A team that feels the need to run-up the score is compensating for something. A crappy head coach, maybe? An over-rated team that benefits from a raucous home crowd, perhaps? The Vikings showed that they’re not a championship-ready team with the way they behaved after the game. The Cowboys’ inside linebacker Keith Brooking let Minnesota’s sideline hear how he felt, and that elicited a cowardly response from their defensive tackle Pat Williams(whose name I will not embolden due to a lack of respect). Williams suggested that Brooking was lucky to leave the Viking sideline in one piece.

Yeah. Right.

Pat, your classless team and clueless head coach will be lucky to leave New Orleans in one piece.

Go New Orleans.


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