Quick Updates for 1/16/10

I apologize to my readers for not showing basketball any love last night. I have plenty of opinions on the NBA that grow organically as every game passes. I’m well aware that some of my readers hate football, or don’t care for it, and only come here to check out my basketball opinions, and to them I apologize. Some basketball will be included in these updates.

Let’s go.

  • We’ll start with the Cincinnati Bengals, who had good news come their way Friday and Saturday, as they found out that Marvin Lewis is the NFL’s 2009 Coach of the Year. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: congratulations to Cincinnati on a really good season. You surprised a lot of people, myself included.
  • Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals has been asked to relace injured Pro-Bowl starter Wes Welker on the AFC All-Pro team. I’m happy for the guy, but I think San Diego’s Vincent Jackson was wrongfully over-looked again. You know what, I’m NOT happy for the guy. Jackson had a spectacular season, and his team had a better record. Shame on you, NFL.
  • If you’re a football purist and are more interested in the college scene, check out my boy’s video blog. He breaks down how Tim Tebow will do next year in the NFL.
  • For Los Angelinos who have not defected to the Raiders, Cowboys, or luckiest team in football Steelers, there is some interesting news coming out of the St. Louis Rams’ camp. I’d like to know your thoughts on the prospect of Michael Vick in a Rams uni. Do you think he’s ready? At the same time, can it be any worse than their current quarterback situation?
  • Last week I went 2-2 in my predictions for who would win the matchups in Wild Card Weekend. That same week, ESPN’s Bill Simmons went 0-4. Join him as he tries to go for the opposite of perfect in this week’s picks.
  • Let’s switch to the NBA, where the word out of Boston is Kevin Garnett might be ready to return for the Celtics’ matchup with the Blazers next Friday. Rasheed Wallace could return to the lineup as early as Monday. I don’t care about either player, but I want them both present and healthy when the Lakers come to beantown at the end of the month.
  • Speaking of the Lakers, J.A. Adande offers some advice to Phil Jackson about how to handle Kobe Bryant. In a nutshell: sit Kobe, grow the goatee again. Alright, you caught me. Just the first part. I just figured since I got Dirk Nowitzki to cut his hair I might take a shot at getting Phil to grow his facial hair out again.
  • I went to the Laker game last night with my buddy Laron, and it was absolutely embarrassing for every Clipper fan present. The Lakers exacted their revenge on the Clippers for last Wednesday’s loss at Staples. If you didn’t watch the game, Kobe poured in 30 points, and Pau Gasol returned to the tune of 20 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks, and one wicked elbow to the arm and chest courtesy Baron Davis. When asked about it after, Gasol had this to say: “We were just trapping him and obviously he got upset at something and started swinging elbows,” Gasol said of Davis. “I thought Derek got hit, but then I got hit too. He hit my arm. It’s nothing there. I was a little surprised he reacted that way. But other than that, we moved on and we won by 40 points.” That made me laugh out loud. Nice dig, Pau.
  • While we’re on the subject, John Ireland expresses some skepticism about the prospects of Pau being an All-Star this year, mostly because the games missed tally has already hit 17. Other than that, Gasol appears to be in All-Star form.
  • Clipper fans may or may not want to watch the following video, but they’ll regret it if they don’t. It was sent to me by my buddy Danny, and I think it is quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen online. It was posted November 23rd, but the finding of it is just so timely. Check it out. Seriously, CHECK IT OUT.
  • Lastly, reserve Atlanta Hawk guard Jamal Crawford is making a strong push for 6th Man of the Year honors. Crawford capped off a spectacular two-weeks of play with a game-winning 3-pointer against the Suns last night in A-town. Some think his play has vaulted him past Houston Rocket reserve Carl Landry(you know, the guy with the name?) for said award. As of right now, he hasn’t hurt his chances!

That’s it for today’s updates. NFL Divisional Round Part II to come later today.



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