Updates on Brandon Jennings, Twitter, and Shaq

Brandon Jennings has deleted his twitter account. Or changed it. The rookie guard made a brain-fart mistake yesterday, responding unfavorably to a fake Jordan Farmar’s twitter trash-talk. That’s a mild tongue-twister, at best. The two apparently did not get along on the court, leading to a verbal exchange via twitter. Unfortunately, Jennings was left trading subtle insults to a fan of Farmar’s, because Jordan apparently doesn’t have a twitter account. I find this incredibly funny because even though the bulk of my report yesterday proved to be inaccurate, this nugget of truth remains: Brandon Jennings is immature. Oh, and he’s half anti-semitic. That’s true too. Well, arguably. Okay, not even arguably, it’s probably completely untrue, but still completely funny.

I know I speak to a dying breed, but Shaq fans, if you still exist, the following news should help show you the light. One of Shaq’s “ex-mistresses” is suing him for harrassment(pronounced “hair-iss-ment”, not “her-ass-ment”). The woman is an Orlando-based model named Vanessa Lopez, and she has apparently caused problems for other NBA players. Delonte West, Kenyon Martin, and J.J. Redick have all had encounters of the fun and not-so-fun kind with Lopez. The details are inside the article. I just find it funny that Shaq said he and his wife had an “open relationship” when she’s filing for divorce. By the way, if this were Kobe, tell me we wouldn’t be villifying him as the worst human being on the planet(again). If you tell me otherwise, you’re a liar.

Till next time.


2 Responses to “Updates on Brandon Jennings, Twitter, and Shaq”

  1. Laron Says:

    Jennings’ candle no longer burns for me. Go Tyreke Evans.

  2. Daniel Cool Beans Lee Says:

    I bet Tyreke Evans has enough sense not to tweet back to some dude pretending to be some other dude for kicks.

    Also, I think Kobe got an unfair treatment because he was stepping up as a poster child for NBA at the time of the affair. I don’t know. It’s still hella unfair and I don’t know why I’m trying to make sense of it. Shaq is fat and is a liar. A fat liar.

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