Remember the Titan

His name is Chris Johnson, and he was just announced as this year’s NFL Offensive Player of the Year. I don’t think anybody will be forgetting the amazing year the kid had, especially Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson. Really, though, was there ever any doubt?

Johnson earned every inch of the hardware as ran for 2,000+ yards and 14 touchdowns this year. But, as Paul Kuharsky points out, history doesn’t favor guys who carry the ball 370 times in one season. Lucky for CJ, he only carried the ball 358 times this past season. PHEW. Dodged that bullet! Well, at least until next year.

Congrats on a well-deserved award, CJ. And don’t be such a sour puss for not getting the MVP.

If you’re interested, ESPN has some interesting debates about this weekend’s matchups.

Like this one here between NFC East blogger Matt Mosley and NFC North Blogger Kevin Seifert. Dallas @ Minnesota.

Maybe the NFC East and North bore you, and you’re more interested in an old-fashioned NFC South versus NFC West barn-burner. Arizona @ New Orleans.



One Response to “Remember the Titan”

  1. sam Says:

    post about how fat yao got

    looks like charles barkley in that turtle neck outfit

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