Charlie’s Angels Have His Back

The Associated Press Angels, that is. Today it was announced that Green Bay Packer cornerback Charles Woodson is the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year. Many feel it was well-deserved, while others share similar, but guarded sentiments.

I myself disagree with the result, but I admit that a) I’m a natural contrarian, and b) I hate the Green Bay Packers. I will have more on that for you later. For now, I just wanted to report the facts.

For those of you interested in learning how to be a good running back and how to make a successful music video, the Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson has got your back. This video is hilarious.

Be sure to watch Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs tonight at 5:30 pm PT. It should be a gooden.


2 Responses to “Charlie’s Angels Have His Back”

  1. Coby Karl Says:

    Nice little piece skip bayless. haha

  2. Charles in Charge « An Epic Mess Says:

    […] An Epic Mess An Epic Mess is a blog dedicated to covering the NBA and the NFL, complete with a hint of pop culture to help keep things fresh. « Charlie’s Angels Have His Back […]

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