Quick Hits for 1/11/10

Not too much blogging today, just a few news updates to share with everybody. I’m kind of exhausted from Wildcard Weekend.

Let’s go

  • For those of you Donovan McNabb jersey-wearers, don’t fret; your jersey is safe for now. Andy Reid announced today that McNabb will be retained through the duration of his contract(end of next season). Honestly, the Eagles would be obtuse if they did otherwise.
  • To my Seattle Seahawk/USC fans and readers, congratulations to the former, God be with you to the latter. Seattle has officially announced the hiring of Pete Carroll. Carroll maintains that his decision had nothing to do with the probing going on at USC.
  • Credit Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers for down-playing the no-calls that didn’t happen at the end of the GB @ AZ game last night. True championship mentality, reminiscent of the San Antonio Spurs after Game 4 of the 2008 Western Conference Finals. Speaking of Rodgers, Arizona Cardinal cornerback Antrel Rolle paid him the highest compliment, stating, “I don’t ever want to face him again in my life. I am dead serious. I’ll face Drew Brees any day of the week before I face him again.” Be careful what you wish for, Antrel. Brees probably heard that.
  • As far as the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs goes, ESPN Senior Analyst John Clayton answers questions about the AFC, while Jeff Chadiha tackles all things NFC.
  • If you’re still jonesing for some Wildcard recap, Realgm.com’s Jeff Risdon(who is actually a really cool guy) has got your back.
  • After last night’s dreadful shooting display, J.A. Adande gives his insight on why Kobe Bean Bryant continues to jack up shots. Let me give you a hint: it rhymes with Sal Jasol.
  • After about 40 games played, Cal State Alum Marc Stein tells you how each team stacks up in his NBA Power Rankings. Spoiler alert: the Lakers are not the best, but they’re in the top two!
  • Ron Artest reportedly asked to come out of the game (not the closet)twice last night. Needless to say, I’m a little worried. Like, this much. OC Register’s Kevin Ding maintains that Artest’ is hurting from head to toe, literally, as the defensive stalwart is dealing with plantar fasciitis.

That’s all I got for you today. Stick around-NBA analysis tonight.


4 Responses to “Quick Hits for 1/11/10”

  1. Nate Brew Says:

    Hmmm, rhymes with Sal Jasol? Is it DeSean? Question, do you add all these links into here or does the site just do that?

  2. Anthony Burrola Says:

    I do it. If there was a site to do that, it would really save me a crapload of time. I’m completely insulted by your inquiry, btw.

    • Nate Brew Says:

      Then I’m impressed with the linking then shows all the research and everything you put into each post. some sites if you type a word such as “tv” or something when hovered over it gives you some random link. I

  3. Anthony Burrola Says:

    Only you noticed. Thanks man. Sorry I don’t know much about comics otherwise I’d keep you more entertained.

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