Oh You Didn’t Know?

Then you should type ESPN.com in your browser more often. After doing so, I found out that Tom Brady is being recognized as the Comeback Player of the Year. I guess since Peyton Manning’s taking home the MVP award, and Chris Johnson has Offensive Player of the Year all wrapped up, the NFL couldn’t let Brady go home empty-handed. Hey, that’s alright with me. I love the guy.

More news to come after work.


4 Responses to “Oh You Didn’t Know?”

  1. Gene Says:

    No! It’s suppposed to be Vince Young!

  2. auburntigersfootball Says:

    i agree with Gene

  3. Noah Bennet Says:

    Vince McMahon should have gotten it.

  4. sam Says:

    HAHA, I read this title in the mauro voice

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