Mike Holmgren + Cleveland Browns = Mike Holmbrown

Too cheesy? Oh well. I just watched NFL Network’s live coverage of the Browns introducing Mike Holmgren as their new President of Football Operations.

This is admittedly his first introduction in which he wore a necktie. That’s weird. I guess appearances don’t matter in terms of success, at least not in the NFL. There goes my American Idol idea. When asked if he had met with head coach Eric Mangini, he confirmed that he did, but said that it was “not THE meeting.” He did indicate that they would in fact meet tomorrow to discuss the coach’s future with the Browns organization.

Holmgren stated that he wants to have everyone on the same page, and that that’s the only way any organization can become a winning one. Reports are not favorable for Mangini, who will most likely have to do nothing short of dance, sing, and cure cancer for Holmgren to allow him to keep his job. The Browns have already received permission to interview Eagles General Manger Tom Heckert. Holmgren confirmed this when he was asked by reports today during the press conference.

We’ll see how that goes.

Next post will be NBA-related. Pinky promise.


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