NFL Hangover

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to miss getting the opportunity to watch multiple football games on Sunday. In fact, just the idea of not getting to watch recaps is depressing. Nevertheless, the end of the regular season became official after the New York Jets easily tamed the Cincinnati Bengals last night. Now all we have to look forward to is a plethora of exciting matchups that will eventually result in two teams visiting South Florida for a chance at immortality. The games start Saturday, in case you weren’t sure.

If you’re a fan of a team in the AFC, ESPN’s John Clayton answers any questions you may have entering the Wildcard Round.

If the AFC doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, don’t fret; Len Pasquarelli has got your back as he breaks down the NFC.

If you’re interested in a quick matchup-by-matchup breakdown so that your friends will think you watch sports, but you’re pressed for time, check out this gem on If you want a more extensive piece, Jason Cole of !Yahoo Sports offers his two cents.

Just so you don’t think I’m the only one, ESPN’s Matt Mosley also happens to think that the Dallas Cowboys are a pretty good football team.

To find out whether or not it's true, watch Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd at 4:00 pm EST on ESPN2's Sports Nation.

Also, if you’re not doing anything today, be sure to watch ESPN2 at 4:00 pm EST, 1:00 pm PST. I received an e-mail from one of their producers informing me that they chose my blog to give me some air-play today. The extent of that is unbeknown to me, as is the truth of it, but let’s take a shot in the dark and support ESPN anyway. Colin Cowherd is pretty awesome.


3 Responses to “NFL Hangover”

  1. sam Says:

    subway on you?!

  2. Anthony Burrola Says:

    Haha, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  3. Fred Says:

    Man..going to miss HOLY SUNDAY 😦

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