NFC East Title Finds its Way Home

Dallas Cowboys defeat Philadelphia Eagles 24-0

I don't care what anyone says. Homeward Bound was an awesome film.

Before you call me an idiot, I am well aware that the NFC East title is not the lovable animals from Homeward Bound. It is a very elusive and intangible award that is not even hardware worthy. However, the Dallas Cowboys won it Sunday night as they trounced their NFC East Division rival Philadelphia Eagles, 24-0. The Dallas defense stepped up, shutting out their second consecutive opponent for the first time in franchise history. They harassed Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb(you know, the Campbell’s Chunky soup guy?), forcing 2 fumbles, 4 sacks, and a very empty 223 yards passing. They did so by taking away deep threat weapon Desean Jackson, who was limited to just 3 catches for 47 yards. So far on the season, Jackson seems to be either hit or miss. One game he erupts for 100+ yards and a few games later he’s a non-factor as the Cowboys defeat the Eagles for the second time this season.

The big story in this game was the absence of Eagles center Jamaal Jackson and the absence of Cowboys receiver Roy Williams. Oh wait, Williams played? I didn’t even notice. Well, Jackson missing was felt in the second quarter when backup right guard Nick Cole snapped the ball poorly and Dallas nose tackle Jay Ratliff dived on it. What’s with guys named Nick not being able to direct the ball where they want it to go? Kicker Nick Folk was released by the Cowboys for that exact reason. The Eagles came up empty on the few big plays they did complete, either turning the ball over or getting stopped on third down. Cornerback Mike Jenkins protected the right side of the Dallas defense like the heroes from Lord of the Rings protected Helm’s Deep in the second film of the trilogy. Consider his strong play, along with linebacker Anthony Spencer’s 2 sacks, part of the reason why the Eagles offense never could get on track.

The Dallas offense looked extremely fluid after failing to convert on a pair of 4th and shorts last week against Washington. They ran the ball with ease in the first half, punishing would-be tacklers with the bruising running style of Marion “the Barbarian” Barber. Barber finished with 91 yards on the ground, which is his best game in recent memory. Alternate back Felix Jones’ chipped in with 91 yards of his own to help Dallas win the time of possession battle. Just about everybody on the Dallas offense played well, sans the aforementioned Williams. Tony Romo played as well as I’ve seen all year, finding receivers in tight situations and exploiting mismatches whenever they popped up. He did a great job of reading the defense and changing the play-calls if he saw something he didn’t like. In addition, his ability to extend the play bailed the Cowboys out of a couple of tight situations. It’s been said that Tony’s favorite receiver is the guy who’s open. That proved to be true tonight as he hit 7 different receivers for at least 1 catch.

Tony Romo was his usual evasive self in a 24-0 shutout of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

When Tony plays as well as he has, the Cowboys are tough to beat. The last time they won the NFC East was in 2007, when they swept the New York Giants 2-0 in regular season play. They wound up playing them again in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, only to find themselves on the wrong end of a 21-17 upset. The Giants went on to win the Superbowl, and the Cowboys followed that season by missing the playoffs completely in 2008. This season, the Cowboys swept the season series with the Eagles, and with the Vikings’ annihilation of the Giants, the Cowboys are forced to square-off once again with Philadelphia.

2009-2010 NFL Playoffs

The NFC Playoff picture is set, while the AFC is still a mess. Here’s how it’s goin’ down, y’all:

1. New Orleans Saints-bye week

2. Minnesota Vikings-bye week

Next week’s games:

3. Dallas Cowboys will host 6. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Arizona Cardinals will host 5. Green Bay Packers

The AFC is more diverse than Jumbalaya right now, with all sorts of weird combinations that could lead to different outcomes in playoff seeding. The only two things we know for sure are that the first-seeded Indianapolis Colts and the second-seeded San Diego Chargers will have a bye week. The other four seeds are still up in the air.

More non-Cowboys related news to come later.


6 Responses to “NFC East Title Finds its Way Home”

  1. Daniel Cool Beans Lee Says:

    More elusions to Homeward Bound plz.

  2. Daniel Cool Beans Lee Says:

    I just realized I misspelled allusion. Shut up.

  3. mikemacias Says:

    dnt buy the bulshit that the eagles didn’t play hard. why would they miss out on the opportunity to get the 2 seed. its not like they were guaranteed to play the boys again.

  4. Nathalie Molinere Says:

    This is an awesome article, Iíll be adding you to my list.

  5. Farmville Says:

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