Kobe Shoots L.A. Into 2010

Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Lakers, 108-109

No, not like Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas almost shot teammate Javaris Crittenton. Kobe did it the way old-fashioned NBA legends did it, draining a three-pointer to defeat the Sacramento Kings 109-108 on a chilly night in Los Angeles.  Los Angelinos are grateful, while Bostonians and Clevelandites are furious. Still, they probably don’t feel anywhere near as dejected as this guy.

Kobe's three-point shot as the clock expired wasted a career-high 30 points from Spencer Hawes.

The Kings played out of their minds, coming up with clutch baskets from the most International group I’ve seen since C-SPAN  last covered a U.N. meeting. They led the Lakers until the start of the fourth quarter when L.A. forced their way into the contest. They even got an almost-game-winner from Beno Udrih who made a lay-up over the out-stretched arms of the Laker bigs.  Fortunately for Laker fans, Ime Udoka missed two free throws that would have put the Kings up 4, and Kobe chimed in with his third game-winner of the season, ruining what was supposed to be a special night for Spencer Hawes. Kobe almost gave a shout-out to Udoka after the game, but decided it would have been in poor taste.

As a side note, the Lakers REALLY need to get it together. I watched Kobe’s interview after the game and he said that this Laker team is different in that he doesn’t need to score 30+ points for them to win anymore, and that now it’s a bonus. Sorry Kob(me and him are buddies, so he lets me call him that), but that hasn’t been true for the past two weeks. The Lakers needed every last one of the 39 you dropped tonight. Stu Lantz kept mentioning the Lakers developing a light-switch mentality reminscent of their three-peat days. This team isn’t that team, and they can’t just turn it on whenever they feel like it. This is a collection of young players mixed with a ridunkulous superstar and a monk for a head coach. While Kobe Bryant is better now than he was in the three-peat years, the competition has improved as well. You can bet Boston, who have their own nightmares of L.A. thanks to one Baron Davis, is watching the Lakers and can’t wait to exploit the weaknesses they see. LeBron and co. already did, and that led to a horrible Christmas. Yet another reason I hate LeBron. Thanks a lot, jerk.

LeBron may be the face of the league, but can't we just admit that his face look's slightly younger than Mickey Rourke's?

Orlando Magic @ Minnesota Timbercubs, 106-94

Orlando beat up on a young Timbercubs team that is still struggling to walk. Shame on them.

New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks, 112-108

How does Mike D’Antoni still have a job? He lashes out at Nate Robinson, sitting him 14 straight games because of a grudge, finds fool’s gold in a mini-winning streak, drops 3 of his last 4 games(one of which was to the lowly New Jersey Nets), and FINALLY decides to play him. What happens next could not be any sweeter for Nate: the five-foot phenom erupts for 41 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists against the Atlanta Hawks, who are currently 4th best in the East. 41 points! I understand that you got more production out of players like Chris Duhon and Wilson Chandler when you shortened your rotation, but how could you shorten it to the extent that you cut out the shortest player in the NBA not named Earl Boykins? Seriously, the dude’s a scorer, and all you require as a head coach is for your team to put the ball in the basket. It’s your modus operandi, and Nate fits that mold better than anyone else riding the pine. President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh lured D’Antoni away from Phoenix and he has done nothing but hurt his stats and their prestige. Congratulations, New York. The Giants are missing the playoffs; the Bills are interested in hiring Notre Dame reject Charlie Weis; the Knicks are perennial losers, and your second-most explosive player played in just his first game in over a month thanks to the mastermind that is D’Antoni. Hey, at least the Yanks got number 27.


10 Responses to “Kobe Shoots L.A. Into 2010”

  1. Daniel Cool Beans Lee Says:

    I don’t understand how the seemingly invincible Lakers can go from…being seemingly invincible to more fragile than a porcelain doll of David Carradine. It could be that we’ve had it mostly easy through the season so far, but yikes. Now we’re struggling against teams under .500 and that makes me sadness. 😦 It hurts a bit, but the game winning threes do help ease my pain. 🙂

    Also, go Nate Robinson. D’Antoni needs to stop choking on donuts while choking hookers and start thinking like a coach.

  2. tommyhancock Says:

    yeah yeah yeah.ya jerk!
    “Kobe is great”-Tommy,lover of Celtics.

  3. Gene Says:

    Timbercubs lol!!

    Knicks are showcasing Nate for the deadline

  4. epicmess Says:

    Isn’t he on a one-year? Where’s my intern at?

  5. mikemacias Says:

    well we are playing our worst ball in the last five games(3 w/o artest) and we are 3-2 in those games. ill take that anyday.

  6. Prof. Laron Baroldi Says:

    Danphony should be shipped to back to Phoenix so I can relive my hate for the Suns. I heart KB24!

  7. sam Says:

    good writeup. you gonna keep these up?

  8. mik3manzanilla Says:

    Good stuff Anthony. i like the ecitment but i do agree that we should be playing way better, even if artest is out. man i hate lebron to.lol.Go lakers! or should i say kobe.

  9. Eric Says:

    i have to say that was a enjoyable read. also i have to say that the little white things falling on the page made me believe that i was crazy until til i scrolled up and realized it was snow boy was my face red

  10. Rene Says:

    Nice commentary on some of the games. i watched that game lebron destroyed the lakers that sucked! But mad cred to Kobe cuz even tho the lakers were losing by alot and there was no way for them to win Kobe played his heart out. I have mad respect for his competitiveness and for not giving up.

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