NFL Playoff Preview: Roundtable Style

With the playoffs looming, I pulled together three friends, all of whom are fans of each of the Dallas Cowboys’ rival NFC East teams, and asked them all questions that I myself also answered. In the interest of fairness, and so you don’t have just one opinion to base things on, here are our names and answers.

Sina Iranikhah-Washington Redskins
Kevin Klasky-New York Giants
Eugene Nguyen-Philadelphia Eagles
Anthony Michael Burrola(yours truly)-Dallas Cowboys

Gun to your head, who is the MVP of the league?

SI: Well, with a gun pointed to my head, I would have to say that Philip Rivers is my MVP. Why? Let’s take a look at the mans stats…shall we? His QB rating for the season so far(as of week 16) is an astonishing 104.5, now some QB’s don’t even get that number in a game…with all due respect Jason Campbell, I am talking to you. He has a 65.4% completion rating and has thrown for 4155 yards averaging 277 yards per game, while throwing 27 TD’s and 9 interceptions. If you are saying big deal to these stats think about this…the San Diego rush offense has been non existent through out most of the year, it has revolved around Phillip Rivers and his receivers. He has singly handily led the resurgent Chargers into the playoffs and I believe they will win the Super Bowl because of Rivers play. Yup, mark it down, the Chargers will win the Super Bowl.

KK: Although the question does indeed specify how it should be answered I can’t help but ask the cliché question, “Who should win or who will win?”. Seeing as I asked the question I suppose I should answer it right? Well, I’ll start out with the latter of the two because its easier to answer and I’m quite the procrastinator. Peyton Manning. Justification being, undefeated!….well, barring Jim Caldwell’s decision to bench his starters, but that’s for another time and another question. Actually, the next question, but I digress. Don’t get me wrong here, by no means do I believe Peyton is not deserving of the MVP award, I just believe someone else is more deserving. Which brings me to the real answer to the question, (took me a while huh?) Eli Manning. Alright, alright, I’m just kidding, my REAL answer is Phillip Rivers. The guy has been dominating while still maintaining his spot as the biggest trash-talking quarterback in the league. And Brett Favre isn’t counted as his trash-talking was really only to his coach. Although L.T. has scored a decent amount of touchdowns, he hasn’t produced much in the way of yards, meaning its been the Phillip Rivers show. He has the second best QB rating so far this season, unfortunately I cannot tell you what the hell that means, but I’m pretty sure its good. The guy only has 9 picks all year, for god sakes, the Super Bowl hero Big Ben has 12 and he’s played less games. That was a joke by the way. Anyways, Rivers is the leader of the hottest team in the league and he’s got less of a team around him than the other favorites. Therefore I believe he’s the Most Valuable Player this year.

EN: This is one is pretty obvious. For the 2009-2010 MVP, Peyton Manning will indeed win his 4th MVP. I would have loved to give it to the work horse Chris Johnson. So far 1,872 yards on the ground this season. Light years ahead of any other running-back on the Top 5 list. As wonderful as CJ is, he is not the NFL MVP. Stats and numbers are good, but an MVP helps his team win football games with stats and numbers. Even with Peyton’s 101.0 QB rating, there is something about him that separates him from other quarterbacks. At the end of a football game, it is an unwritten rule that you just do not give the ball back to Peyton with time left. Coaches become confused and dumbfounded in this situation. Look at the future hall of famer Bill Belichick who decided it would be smart to try and convert a 4th and 2 on the Patriots 28-yard line. Not even inches, 2 yards! Ridiculous. Peyton Manning takes this with ease.

AMB: If there is a gun to my head, I don’t see how it could be anybody other than Peyton Manning. Cases could be made for Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers, and even Chris Johnson, but I don’t want to get shot because I made an inferior case for an inferior candidate. None of their cases are as strong as Peyton’s. Like the old adage goes, he is the best player on the best team. Brees suffered two home losses in a row and has more pieces around him offensively, Rivers suffered three early losses and his numbers aren’t as impressive, Favre seems to have remembered he’s 40 years old, and Johnson’s team just doesn’t have enough wins. While all of this was going on, the Colts had a great chance at being the second team in 35 years or so to end the season 16-0, joining the 2007 Patriots and Manning’s long-time rival Tom Brady as the only Quarterbacks to boast that mark. You might think the fact that they didn’t hurt his case, but instead, it did the opposite. The Colts had the lead before Caldwell decided to take out Manning and some of their other offensive starters, and the Jets ended up winning the game thanks to Manning’s absence(among others, of course).

Even if you don’t buy that, think about a) the statistics and b) the impressive run Indianapolis has been on. A) Manning has thrown for 4,405 yards(which marks the tenth time in his 12-year career he’s thrown for 4,000+ yards, and only two where he didn’t), 33 touchdowns to 15 interceptions for a passer rating of 101.4. Only Drew Brees has thrown for more touchdowns(34), and only Matt Schaub has thrown for more yards(4,467). B) Before Sunday’s loss, the Colts hadn’t lost a regular season game since October 27th of 2008 when the eventual 13-3 Titans beat them. That means they’ve rattled off some 25+ wins during the regular season. In addition, they lost former Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders to injury for the entire season, promising Wide Receiver Anthony Gonzalez to a freak injury for almost the entire season, have a very average running game, at best, and a coach who, up until this past week, we weren’t even sure had a voice. Seriously, the guy’s quieter than Shy Ronnie or that hand from the Addams Family. The one constant for the Colts: Peyton Manning. The award should and will go to Peyton Manning, making him the only Quarterback not named Brett Favre to have four(or 3.5, because he shared one with Steve McNair, God rest ’em).

What’s your take on Jim Caldwell’s decision to bench his starters against the Jets?

SI: I think that it was stupid, stupid, stupid, did I mention it being stupid? This deflated the entire team, if you watched them after the game, hands on their hips, heads down…I mean for Gods sake, they were so close to making History and as a player you want to do that. I remember going undefeated with my soccer team a couple years back and it was the greatest feeling in the world, even though we won the championship, going undefeated feels so much better. It gives an ego, a swagger, that makes you feel invincible, allowing for a great run at the playoffs, which is what my team had. BUT, as soon as you lose that first game, it hurts, and it hurts bad. This past season we were 5-0 and were on top of the world, then we tied, then we lost. That tie hurt us so bad emotionally that we almost threw our season down the drain. All in all, you have to run into the playoffs with swagger, something the Colts don’t have at this moment after that loss.

KK: Answering this question requires an assumption to be made. Said assumption being that the Colts would have won had the starters stayed in. I, like most, believe they would have, so lets move forward. To be honest, I believe the correct decision was made. The decision being whether to pursue that illustrious undefeated record, or to take it easy and rest up before the playoffs. I’m going to take a wild guess and say the starters would have preferred to stay in the game and stay undefeated. But hey, the coach made a decision, if they win the Superbowl, this act was an intelligent one. If they don’t, well, everyone is going to be pissed anyway and an undefeated record up to that final loss would be ultimately meaningless. In conclusion, I agree with Caldwell’s decision.

EN: Did you see the face of Manning when he was pulled? I’m pretty sure the team and the rest of the fans was as mad as he was. As much as Peyton Manning and crew hates it, Jim Caldwell had the right idea on this one. Think of it as a poor man’s Pascal’s Wager, would you rather play for a perfect season and run the risk of injuring the best player in football, or have him available for a Super Bowl run? This team has a goal and it’s not records, it’s rings. Caldwell is playing it safe which I believe is the right decision. He should give Brad Childress some pointers on benching your star players.

AMB: (Before you read my argument, just take this into consideration: I am a New England Patriots sympathist, so anything that preserves their remarkable 2007 run makes me happy.) This is troublesome for me. I don’t think it’s as clear cut as most of his critics do. In Caldwell’s defense,(since he doesn’t talk, or talk loud enough to defend himself) I am okay with it. He had the opportunity to go for 16-0, but ultimately, that isn’t the goal. His team has nothing left to play for in the regular season, and he gave them the first half and most of the third quarter to remain in rhythm. Afterward, he benched them and decided to go with his rookie Quarterback. Like New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan said, he EARNED that right. Think about it this way: would the 2007 Patriots rather have had an 18-1 season with their 1 loss coming week sixteen(ala Indy), or do you think they would rather have their 18-1 season with their one loss coming in the Superbowl? If you answered the latter, then allow me to respond by quoting Tonedef, “…you sadly mistaken/either that or your sanity’s shaken.” Ultimately, this is something he is going to have to live with, right or wrong. It is none of our business as fans or writers to force on them what WE want them to do. When the 2007 Patriots decided to play their starters every game, Head Coach Bill Belichick received a lot of criticism. I don’t think that one has to be right and the other has to be wrong, because this isn’t a black and white issue. At the end of the day I’m okay with Caldwell’s decision, despite the critics pointing out what a great opportunity he may have missed.

Which team has surprised you the most so far this season?

SI: To be honest, its the Saints or the Cards…particularly the Saints because it is the same team, but for some reason they came out of the gates this season with swagger, ego and most importantly confidence. They believed they would be different this year and they were, it was relatively the same team, same RB’s, WR’s, defense mainly remained intact but the only difference was in my opinion, their confidence level was sky high, until now, and if they cannot pull together a major win, their chances of a Super Bowl, might, just might be over.

KK: I’m going to be honest here (not saying that I’m lying in the rest of the answers but I like saying this). The team that surprised me the most this year was the Saints. I knew they would be a playoff team with a potent offense but I had no idea it would take that long before they would lose and I had no idea their defense would be not only decent, but good. I gotta give it to Anthony on this one, he called this to a certain extent.

EN: Undoubtly this has to go to the Cincinnati Bengals. This looks like a completely different team than last year due to the reawakening of Chad Ochocinco, a HEALTHY Carson Palmer, and a stud running back in Cedric Benson. Give credit to that defense also yielding only 300 yards per game which is 4th in the league. The biggest turnaround in my eyes from last year going from 4-11-1 to a 10-5-0 record while clinching their division. Who else is in that division? The Super Bowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers. Their problem is lying within ther identity of a rushing game. Ranked 22nd in the league yielding just 106.1 yards a game. Also their secondary has had problems with the passing game. Ranked 16th in the league allowing 216.2 yards per game. I’d never though it would be so soon to see the Steelers with a top 15 draft pick.

AMB: To be perfectly honest, it’s the Cincinnati Bengals. At the start of the season nobody expected them to be as good as they are. The Pittsburgh Steelers(vomit) were the consensus pick to win the division, and justifiably so. The Bengals sneaked in and quietly owned the division. When I think back on the season and look at all the games, I remember being the most surprised every time the Bengals beat good teams. Then, after a while, it started becoming commonplace. They swept the AFC North, which is arguably the second toughest division in all of football, behind the NFC (B)East. The resurgence of Chad Ochocinco and the steady arm of Carson Palmer are largely responsible, but so is the emergence of the real Cedric Benson, not to mention a defense that makes you feel like you’re pulling teeth when you score. Besides how they win and that they win, another surprise offered by the Bengals is the heart with which they play. This was once a team that was marred by the criminal image. This year, they’ve turned that around, and have shown both respect and adoration for their coaching staff and fellow teammates. Following Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife’s death, the players dedicated that game to him and his wife. After Wide Receiver Chris Henry’s death, the Bengals pushed the Chargers to the limit, and Ochocinco showed us a side of him we’ve never seen before. This team has surprised me on multiple occasions this season, and their demeanor, decorum, and dedication are at the forefront of those revelations.

Which team has disappointed you the most so far this season?

SI: Falcons, Falcons, Falcons, Falcons…why? Because on paper they were supposed to be better than last season, much better. The addition of Tony Gonzalez made the offense MUCH more potent…the defense, not much…but the secondary was more experienced. In theory this = playoff run into 2nd round AT LEAST. BUT, what happens? Michael Rumblin’ Burner Turner (any other nicknames?) gets injured, then their 2nd string RB Jerious Norwood gets hurt, and then Matt Ryan goes down. So, was it there fault? No, BUT, even though they might be the first team with back to back winning seasons, I think they feel disappointed as a whole because they know what it could have been.

KK: Doesn’t take long for me to answer this question, The New York Giants. I didn’t think they were legitimate Superbowl contenders but for them to miss the playoffs is one hell of a disappointment. After that start, who would have thought they’d end up with less than 10 wins? Not me, I’ll tell you that. It’s a touchy subject, so pardon my conciseness.

EN: I am torn between the Giants, Titans, Steelers, and Bears. But my gut tells me it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. There has been no immense change within this roster, yet they have played to an 8-7-0 record while going 12-4-0 last year.

AMB: I’m torn like the deceased actor, first-name Rip. (By the way, that has to be one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard. I bet it got him so much action in his heyday. Imagine introducing yourself, “I’m Rip Torn, it’s nice to meet you.” Jeez.) There are a lot of disappointing teams and disappointed fan bases this year, but two stick out for me: the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots. The Raiders are perennially disappointing, so I have to give the edge to New England. They’re currently 10-5 and have clinched their division, but this season really isn’t what I expected from them. I guess my expectations were incredibly high after that 2007 season, and that is the standard that I am judging them by. Last year, they were poised to make another Superbowl run until Tom Brady went down in week one. I figured that once he returned, they’d have that Patriot magic again. They don’t. I hate to say it, but Belichick seems to have lost it a bit. I consider what I am saying blasphemy, because he is in all likelihood the best coach in football, but I am still saying it. We see it every year with them, where they manage to stay elite despite the salary cap, but I really think they’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities in the draft that could have fortified a defense that Belichick has no confidence in, and could have given their offense another dimension. You know, one that doesn’t involve throwing the ball 40 times a game. Brady was not as efficient a Quarterback as I am used to seeing, and Randy Moss did not have the amazing year we all expected. I just think we got so used to them letting key guys go and then plugging in new pieces and making it work, that the one time it didn’t work, it is a huge disappointment. I think this team can still make a title run, but they are going to have to grind it out like Tony Hawk would. Because of their unimpressive wins, sans the Tennessee and Jacksonville games, and their absolutely deflating losses(at Indianapolis and at New Orleans ring a bell?), the 2009 Patriots are the most disappointing team. All that said, I still would not be surprised to see Brady hoisting another trophy come February.

Now that the NFC playoff teams are set, who do you think makes it to the Conference Championship game?

SI: I think the Eagles will actually win it for a change UNLESS UNLESS UNLESS the Vikings and Saints BLOW out their opponents by 40 points (Ex. Carolina and Giants) If that happens, hell, I have no idea to be honest with you, I will probably edit this section right before the playoffs start. At this moment, the defense of the Eagles is playing extremely well, and the offense, well, I don’t think words can describe the offense…wait I got it. The Eagles offense is the EXACT opposite of America’s economy. I win. I think the Eagles will be motivated enough to finally get past the NFC championship into the Super Bowl. As for who will play them, that will be decided after Week 16.

KK: This ones a toughy. How legit is Minnesota? How does previously undefeated team lose two consecutive games, one of which to… wait for it, Tampa Bay!? Is Donovan McNabb a douche bag? I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, well, maybe the last one but it could just be bitterness. There’s certainly a lot of interesting storylines going into the playoffs, in fact, the only thing its missing is the New York Giant. But now to the question, the Saints and Eagles will be in the Conference Championship game. The Eagles are red hot and just seem to come up with enough big plays to win, which is exactly why I believe they will get to this game. As for the Saints, simply put, I believe they’re going to do what they’ve done all year long and just outscore their opponents.

EN: Looking at the odds, this year the NFC East had the best odds to make it to the NFC Conference Championship games. Interesting. My prediction has no NFC East teams, it will be a showdown between the Vikings and the Saints

AMB: The NFC is currently WIDE open like the zipper on your pants. If you just checked, I got you. If you just checked and you’re wearing sweats, basketball shorts, or underwear, you owe me twenty dollars. There are six teams, count ‘em, SIX teams that could make it to the Superbowl. With Minnesota’s loss to the Bears, the Saints have locked up homefield advantage. It depends on the seeding, which is going to be determined after next week’s slate of games, obviously. In my heart of hearts, I think the Cowboys have a really good shot. However, the teams that I fear the most are New Orleans and Green Bay. The latter is probably the most dangerous of the lower seeds, and the former is the most dangerous. Period. Minnesota is in danger of losing the bye week altogether thanks to their ghastly December(it feels good to be writing that about a team who isn’t based in Dallas). I think Brett Favre can work miracles in a dome, but I have ZERO confidence in Brad Childress as a coach. Zero. My pre-season pick to make it to the Superbowl was the Saints, who would host the Cowboys in an NFC Championship game. I hope to Kobe that my ‘Boys make it that far, but I think that the Green Bay Packers will probably be the team that goes on the road to face the Saints in the Superdome. That “probably” was me being unsure due to the seeding, and to the nature of the NFL: unpredictability. Just when you think there is a sure thing in the NFL, it changes up on you, and you’re left staring at the television in disbelief. Also, due to seeding, they could very well face them in the Divisional Round if they lock up the third seed.

Who wins?

SI: Eagles.

KK: This game is going to be a matter of who plays better, the Eagles offense or the Saints defense. I think the Eagles fail to make the big plays that they have so many times this year and the Saints win 31 to 21.

EN: The New Orleans Saints. They have the number 1 offense in the league yielding 416.5 YPG, and their defense has come alive with a few pickups in the off-season. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you to your 2009-2010 NFC Champions.

AMB: If my scenario pans out, I think the Packers would pull off the upset. To me, it’s an upset on two levels. A) A coaching level, and B) A road victory level. Mike McCarthy isn’t half as good a coach as Sean Payton. He’s not even half as good as the top half of Sean Payton is. He’s less than a quarter as good a coach as Sean Payton is, but he makes up for it in girth. I think Green Bay is playing really well right now, and their team is built in similar fashion to the Saints. They both throw to at least six different receivers effectively, and they both have a decent running attack. The difference is defense, and that’s where Green Bay has the advantage. Green Bay wins in New Orleans. Then again…if the most over-rated Quarterback in the NFL Ben Roethlisberger could throw for 503 yards against Green Bay’s defense, I wonder what Drew Brees could do to them. Oh my God, I am doubting my pick already. Consider this the prologue to my suicide note. You can guess why.

Ignoring the mess at the bottom of the AFC playoff picture, who do you think makes it to the Conference Championship game?

SI: Chargers, Chargers, Chargers. They are the best team in the NFL right now, and they are playing like it on both sides of the ball and I have a feeling if the Colts meet up with these guys it will be a total mess for Manning and Co. Defense is playing like the old Chargers Defense and the offense is on fire, Phillip Rivers is the best QB in the game (once again, it will be shown if and when they play the Colts) When you are riding a 10 and possible 11 game winning streak into the playoffs…welll…..we just have to see how they describe it after they are holding the Vince Lombardi trophy. I think the Patriots will meet the Chargers, but I have to see the matchups afterward.

KK: This one is tough as well, because I’m high (not the Ricky Williams kind) on three AFC teams, the Colts, Chargers and Patriots. The Colts are a pretty easy choice as they could have/should have gone undefeated depending on how you view it. The Chargers are, in my opinion, the most complete team in terms of offense, defense and special teams. As for the Patriots, I just don’t advise on betting against Mr. Brady is too smart. But, the question asks who will be in the conference championship game, not which teams do you like, Soooooooo, my answer is the Colts and the Chargers (yes I know, I’m a hypocrite, I bet against Mr. Brady).

EN: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis Colts. I believe whoever faces the Chargers between the two will come out with a win. History says…Do. Not. Trust. Norv. Turner.

AMB: I think the two Wild Card teams are too hard to predict, and I really don’t think it’ll matter in the long run anyway. San Diego and Indianapolis are the two best teams in football, and the only team that can beat either of them is the New England Patriots. I want to say Cincinnati has a shot, but I am not entirely convinced. Maybe THAT’S why I picked them as my surprise team: no matter what they do I am not convinced. Oh well. The way the standings are, Indy has homefield throughout as the one seed, San Diego has homefield as the two seed(unless they play Indy), and New England is the third seed despite having the same record as the fourth-seeded Cincinnati Bengals due to strength of schedule. That means that whoever comes to New England is going to lose(it’s already a foregone conclusion in my head), pitting them against the Colts, who I think will lose FOREAL this time to the Patriots, and that will leave them(New England) playing the Chargers, who are going to beat anybody that comes to San Diego…

Who wins?

SI: Chargers will win, I will explain after the designated bracket is set.

KK: A Colts-Chargers AFC championship game would be pretty funny because despite how unlucky both of these teams are in the playoffs, one of them HAS to win. My moneys on Peyton Manning and the Colts. I say Reggie Wayne has a 2 touchdown game and the Colts win roughly 35 to 17.

EN: Your 2009-2010 AFC Champions = Indianapolis Colts! Self-explanatory. Peyton Manning is the best in the business while the defense lead by Dwight Freeney will lead them straight into Tampa.

AMB: …except for New England. New England wins the AFC. I’ve convinced myself by looking at the head coaches of the other AFC opponents. Despite having an inferior team, New England has a superior coach. Caldwell is a rookie head coach, and Norv Turner is secretly one of the worst head coaches in all of football. I can’t imagine him out-Belichicking Belichick, even at home. The Colts could beat the Patriots just because Peyton Manning is that good, but I think the Patriots owe them after that loss earlier this season. The Chargers and Colts could easily make a fool out of me, but I just have a feeling like the Black Eyed Peas. I am not ready to write them off just yet. As a sports fan, I know all the signs of a team that won’t win. You need a lot of luck to win at the professional level. A lot of things need to go your way. For the Patriots, nothing seems to have gone their way. This is what worries me. But, I made my pick. New England is going to the Superbowl.

Who wins the Superbowl?

SI: Chargers.

KK: Now what you’ve all been waiting for (and if you haven’t, then quit reading) the Superbowl. Saints-Colts. They’ve been the two best teams all year, which bugs me because I’m usually an upset picker. But this is what we all want to see, the league’s two best slingers going at in in a good ole’ barn burner. However, this game isn’t going to come down to which offense does better, but instead which defense gets blown up the least. I say Dwight Freeney and the Colt’s defense molest Drew Breeze just enough to edge them for a championship. So there you have it, that’s my take on the NFL playoffs and a few other things you probably didn’t care about, let’s just say I’m a divergent thinker.

EN: 2009-2010 Superbowl Champions = Indianapolis Colts
Prediction: Colts: 34 Saints: 28

AMB: New England wins 29-23, cementing Brady- Belichick as the best Quarterback-Head Coach tandem in the history of the league.

And for funzies, Eugene and I came up with an All NFC East team. Klasky and Iranikhah had nothing to do with this, which helps explain why so few Giants and Redskins players made the list. Mostly, though, it’s because they don’t deserve it.


QB:Tony Romo
RB: Felix Jones
FB: Leonard Weaver
WR: Miles Austin, Desean Jackson
TE: Jason Witten
OL: Jason Peters, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Chris Snee, Kareem Mckenzie


LB: Demarcus Ware, Keith Brooking, London Fletcher
CB: Asante Samuel, Mike Jenkins
S: Quinten Mikell, Kenny Phillips
DL: Trent Cole, Albert Haynesworth, Jay Ratliff, Justin Tuck

Enjoy the 2009 NFL Playoffs. They are sure to be ribbed for her your pleasure, like Trojan condoms.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Chris Henry. It is always hard when young men and women lose their lives, and there are no words that can explain the regret that I feel for you, your family, and your loved ones.


10 Responses to “NFL Playoff Preview: Roundtable Style”

  1. sportsaholic89 Says:

    I love your discussion previewing the playoffs. The Chargers are definitely going to be tough.

    Take a look at my sports blog:

  2. Daniel Cool Beans Lee Says:

    Go Miami

  3. Melissa Says:

    I really enjoy reading your style of writing, you’re witty and interesting. I never know what you’re going to throw in there, and it keeps me on my toes. You’re a great analyzer and I appreciate that ability. I love the Steelers, even though this season made me cry.

  4. mik3 manzanilla Says:

    i agree with the heart of hearts it being the cowboys all the way. there getting hot late. if we beat the eagles i think we will have all the confidence we need(Romo). as far as the packers go. i dont think theyl make it take far. and the saints prove they can be beaten. good stuff!!! lets sit back and enjo

  5. Dear NFL, What the Hell Happened? « An Epic Mess Says:

    […] pass-heavy due to an atrocious running game, and this puts a gargantuan dent in their efforts to make me a prophet and win the Superbowl, let alone the AFC. They’re going to have trouble beating a feisty […]

  6. don't know why i read this Says:

    dude….big ben the most over-rated qb in the league? seriously?

    2 basic reasons

    1. hes won 2 superbowls in 6 years (been on good teams yes, but he played a bigger role in the second championship than anyone else on the team except for maybe james harrison)
    2. hes not even considered a top 5 qb. peyton, brady, favre, brees, rivers, warner, rodgers, eli, mcnabb and even HOMO are all mentioned before him. some, rightfully so, others, definitely not deserving.

    idk it just really bothered me reading that for some reason. haha. ps. cowboys aint $*!#

  7. Anthony Burrola Says:

    First off, thanks for reading.

    1. The only thing I will give you is that Big Ben is incredibly clutch. Like, incredibly. All that means is that if the game were on the line, I would like to have Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Ben Roethlisberger throwing the ball for me. However, through the first 58 minutes of the game, I’d take Donovan McNabb over him, and I don’t think too highly of Donovan.

    Ben has a big arm, and he can extend plays because his upper-body strength makes him a hard man to bring down. But his career numbers are terrible. This is his first 4,000 yard season, and just his second time throwing for more than 18 touchdowns. The years his team won the Superbowl, their defense carried them. Did you not notice how both Superbowl wins he WASN’T the MVP? Can you say about about Brady? Peyton? Not to mention, they played a fluky Arizona team in the Superbowl. The Steelers are by far the luckiest franchise in football. If Philadelphia wins that NFC Conference game, you’re looking at the first Philly championship since what, the ’80’s? The Steelers win despite Big Ben, not because of him.

    And you’re kidding yourself if you think people rank anybody other than Brady, Manning, and Brees higher than him. Two rings means you can’t ignore that, even if he lucked into them.

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  10. Perry Rundstrom Says:

    Go Saints! Become a fan of facebook page here: Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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